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The alternánce system has proven to be a success in France. Today, there are 430 Maison Familiale Rurale (Rural Family House - MFR) that offer more than 700 job specializations. These are not just limited to farming but include trades like culinary, tourism, industrial technologies, health and medical-allied professions.

In the Philippines, this system of education was introduced in 1988 when the Dagatan Family Farm School in Lipa City opened its doors.

Then President Corazon C. Aquino was the guest of honor during its inauguration. During her speech, she promised the students that when they finish the course, she shall host the graduation in Malacañan Palace. And she did fulfill that promise.

Recently, the Department of Education (DepEd) issued the Implementing Rules and Regulations for the Rural Farm Schools Act (Republic Act No. 10618). With this in place, more Rural Farm Schools shall be established in the years to come. The law mandates DepEd to establish at least one such school per province during its first year of implementation.

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Philippines - A French School Program will help boost Philippine rural development



The International Association of Family Movements in Rural Education AIMFR, enriched by the values ​​carried by all the families gathered in the thousand associations in the world, they want to wish to convey their deepest support for the families of the French MFR legitimately worried, sad and affected by unspeakable events of recent days.

We are united and supportive to the necessity of a common good for youth, families and the society on the planet.


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Letter of solidarity Paris attaks - AIMFR


With over 1,200 CEFFA present in the world we need to join forces to affirm our solidarity and create social links between those who are in position to give and those who need aid, here and elsewhere around the world.

A day to mobilize all CEFFA in France and in the World, together on the same day. In the background, throughout this World day: a "great fund-raising" and the opportunity to put CEFFA the centre of an enormous wave of solidarity.

From the next September the teams of all CEFFA of France and the rest of the world will take care to present this day to all pupils, students, apprentices, adult trainees, but also to all parents, masters training and learning at all our major partners, elected officials of our territories... The first World CEFFA event.


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26 November 2015 - The first World CEFFA Event


Within the framework of the General Assembly of the AIMFR held last July 2 at the Maison Familiale du Blayais (Bordeaux, France) the new Management Board of the Association for the period 2015-2020 was chosen.

In it, he was re-elected as President of the AIMFR, Dr. Octacilio Echenagusia (of AUEFA - Uruguay) who, according to the Statutes, proceeded to elect its Governing Board.

The General Secretary of the Association (Pedro Puig Calvó) presented the Report of Activities of the AIMFR for the period 2010-2015 approved unanimously by the delegates present.

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Election of new Management Board of the AIMFR (2015 - 2020)


Ms. Mina C. Ballesteros, Executive Director of Gelacio I. Yason Foundation - Family Farm School (GIYF-FFS) located in Roxas, Oriental Mindoro ( Philippines) for being a recipient of the Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Pilipino (Philippine Hero). Ms. Ballesteros has been serving the GIYF-FFS for 13 years now.


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Distinction Ms. Mina Cabugao Ballesteros