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In Buenos Aires (Capital of Argentina) April 11 last, Jorge A. Pereda passed away.

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Argentina - Jorge A. Pereda passed away


We would like to inform you of the death of the former Secretary of the AIMFR from its foundation in 1975 (Dakar), to 2010 (Lima), Mireille Gavet.

He accompanied Presidents Florent Nové-Josserand and Juan Cano, and General Secretaries Aimé Caekelberg, Gilbert Forgeard and Bernard Tranchand.


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Death of the former Secretary of the AIMFR - Mireille Gavet


According to the note sent by Kamibai Daniel, Cameroon EFAs, we are deeply sorry to inform you of the death of the student Dairou Simon, pupil of the EFA of Mokolo, assassinated during an attack of the terrorist group Boko-Haram the night of April 8th 2017, in the village Ganay, district of Mora.


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Death of the student Dairou Simon - Cameroon


With deep sadness and pain we received the news of Daniel Chartier's death, happened at the beginning of February. Daniel Chartier has deeply influenced the movement of Alternate Systems Schools not only France but, also, in many other countries of the world.

He began his work in the Rural French Maisons Familiales in 1947, where it was a Monitor, the Director and between 1962 and 1991 he was the Director of Chaingy's National Pedagogic Centre (France). His work of investigation and participation in the trainings of Monitors of the Alternate System Methodology was great.

Even though his retirement in 1991, he was active with the Alternate Systems Schools (in the Video section of our website you can see two videos of a Conference realized – some years ago–  for the International Pedagogic Team of the AIMFR, which was made with his friend Jean-Claude Gimonet in Chaingy's National Pedagogic Centre).

In the Documents Section of our website will be able to find a commemorative text written by that Jean-Claude Gimonet, to his friend Daniel Chartier on the occasion of his death.


As president of the AIMFR (Association of Family Movements for Rural Training) and on behalf of the Board of Directors of the associations that make up our organization and every Alternate System School around the world, we stand in solidarity with the Educational Community of «EFA Santa Elena» in the province of Chaco, Argentina, after the fire that destroyed much of the building of the Escuela de la Familia Agrícola.


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Letter of solidarity CEFFA fire in Chaco (Argentina)


Last Monday the 20th of June was formed the O.N.E.A.R.A. (National Organization of Alternate System Schools of the Republic of Argentina).

In O.N.E.A.R.A. are present 4 Argentinean Networks of Alternate System Schools: EFAs del Taragüí (with Alternate System Schools in the province of Corrientes) / FACEPT - Educational Centers for Total Production (with Alternate System Schools in the province of Buenos Aires) / Fundación Marzano - Rural Training Centers (with Alternate System Schools in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Santa Fe) and UNEFAM (with Alternate System Schools in the province of Misiones).

These four networks (bringing together 87 Alternate System Schools in different provinces, representing almost 75% of the educational offer of Alternate System in the country) have agreed to establish a structure at national level to represent them to various organisms - provincial, national and international without losing institutional identities and objectives of each network but purposing work together according to the Mission and Vision of this new organization.


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Argentina - Creation of National Union -O.N.E.A.R.A.- by four national networks of Alternate System Education